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This is our national listings of user-led organisations.

On this page you can search for an organisation by region or user type. Alternatively, you can search by the first letter of the name using the A-Z menu.

Click on the organisation’s name for more details.

We have over 320 organisations listed, in all areas of the country, and serving different groups of people. Find out more about the breakdown of organisations that are listed.

Please note: Shaping Our Lives cannot be held responsible for the content of third party websites.

If you are part of a user-led organisation – run by and for the people they support – and would like it to appear on this page please contact us. Organisations run by Disabled people are called Disabled People’s Organisations. We also welcome requests from other user-led organisations who represent people from marginalised and diverse communities. We have over 320 user-led groups in our inclusive involvement community – please join them and us – for free!