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We know that many service users want to be involved in systems that affect their lives, to use their experience to make things better. However, our studies have found that it is often difficult to find opportunities. People struggle to get organisers to take access needs seriously, or to recognize their expertise, and skills are not used to their full potential. Sometimes service users are asked to do things they have no experience in. Many do not have meaningful involvement experiences because activities are not accessibly organized.

My Involvement Profile

My Involvement Profile will help you to communicate your expertise, skills and access requirements to involvement organisers, in an accessible and easy-to-action way. It will help organisations make events and activities accessible and inclusive.

Each section has help notes to assist in completing it.

Contact us to find out more and request My Involvement Profile

We recommend keeping this record of your access and support needs, and giving it to the organiser of any involvement activity before it begins. Otherwise we know that assumptions are made and people can be disadvantaged. Get in touch now to get support with this.

Involvement Opportunities Board

Our Involvement Opportunities Board advertises engagement, involvement, co-production and research opportunities for people who want to have a say and influence in health and social care. We also promote events that are inclusive of service user involvement.

Visit our Involvement Opportunities Board

If you are looking to advertise an involvement activity or an event that welcomes service user attendees, please contact us.

Contact us to advertise on the Involvement Opportunities Board

Note about terms – Shaping Our Lives uses the term ‘service users’ because our members preferred it and worked together to explain what being a service user means to them. We recognize that some people prefer other descriptions such as having ‘lived experience’ or Experts by Experience. Our work and approach are inclusive of all people who experience health and care inequalities because of their identities. Read more about our definitions and meanings.