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Research opportunity for people in the UK to share their experiences of care in advanced liver disease

Cathy Beresford is a nurse and PhD student at Bournemouth University working with people affected by advanced liver disease to explore their experiences of care. Carers of individuals with advanced liver disease can also take part in the study.


To take part in the study you will be in the UK, over 18 years of age and either:

  1. Have advanced liver disease, with experience of at least one episode of ascites (build-up of fluid in the tummy), and not currently be on the list for a liver transplant OR
  2. Have experience of caring for an individual (such as, your partner or close relative) with advanced liver disease within the last two years

Participation involves an interview with the researcher, which will take under one hour and can be done either by telephone, video call, or possibly in-person (depending on your preference and convenience). Reasonable adjustments will be made for participants with accessibility needs. The researcher can talk through the participant information leaflet and consent form with you if you require support with these.

Recruitment ends 31st October 2024.


How to Apply

Please contact Cathy Beresford for more information, or to ask any questions:

Involvement Payment Details

There will be no involvement payments for this involvement opportunity.