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Karen Postle, Suzy Croft, Jennie Fleming, Peter Beresford, Catherine Bewley, Fran Branfield, Michael Glynn


As part of the Standards We Expect project, a case study was conducted into a local authority day centre that was in the process of changing towards person-centred support. This day Centre had originally been a traditional one for adults with physical and sensory impairments, and had already begun undergoing considerable change at the time the study took place.
This report documents the changes that the day Centre undertook and the results of the changes. The report does not offer these changes as a ‘success story’ or as a picture of ‘how to do it’. Rather, the report is presented as a real world example of the kind of issues and ambiguities that there can be when agencies and authorities decide to make change, exploring what can help and what can hinder.
In particular, it explores the need to pursue person-centred processes of change in order to achieve real ‘person-centred support’ or personalisation; any process will need to be a participatory one, fully and equally engaging service users, unpaid carers and face-to-face practitioners. The report is therefore designed as a resource for organisations, teams and individuals making their own changes to improve the lives and support of their service users.
In partnership/with support of: De Montfort University, Brunel University, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Values Into Action
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