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Jennifer Taylor, Vanessa Williams, Raymond Johnson, Ian Hiscutt, Maggie Brennan


Based on research work carried out by members of People First Lambeth, We Are Not Stupid is a book that looks at the issues which affect people with learning difficulties, such as bullying, racism, relationship-building, choice and independence. This book is told from the point of view of people with learning difficulties and is an honest insight into their experiences, problems and views. It is a book designed for a wide audience, including people who do not have learning difficulties, because it is about people wanting an ordinary life. The book was designed to send a message to policy-makers that, in the six years since the publication of the White Paper Valuing People, not enough progress had been made in removing barriers to independent lives for people with learning disabilities. It was also designed to send out a clear message that people with learning difficulties are just like everyone else: they want the same opportunities, to be respected as individuals without discrimination, to have choice and control over their lives and the right support to lead the kinds of lives to which they aspire.
In partnership/with support of: People First Lambeth
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