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The House of Commons

April 2008

The Public Administration Select Committee conducted an inquiry into how public services could be improved by involving the people that use them in their design and delivery, titled Public Services: Putting People First. The Select Committee published several reports resulting from the inquiry; this report, User Involvement in Public Services, is the second of them. This Report focuses on the scope for public services to engage people directly in service design and service provision. This report considers various forms of user involvement in public services, from consultation with service users to stronger variants such as user control over service
provision. It examines some of the arguments given for making public
services more responsive: that it would be more democratic, that it would improve service levels and that it would be cost-effective. It also explores some of the potential implications of greater user involvement—for staff working in public services, for service
users and for how public services are organised and evaluated. Shaping Our Lives and associated members made submissions to this inquiry, and Shaping Our Lives Chairman Peter Beresford gave oral evidence to the committee.
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