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Dr Colin Cameron

This paper, by Dr Colin Cameron, looks at the history of the Disabled People’s Movement in Britain.

The article examines the development of this movement from its origins in the 1960s activism of individuals such as Paul Hunt and traces its growth over the following decades into areas including: campaigning for access to public services through the development of local coalitions; the emergence of the independent living movement and the campaign for direct payments; the campaign for civil rights legislation; the militancy of the Direct Action Network; the establishment of a distinctive affirmative disability culture through the disability arts movement; and the establishment of Disability Studies as a new academic discipline challenging oppressive research relations. In conclusion it is suggested that while a great deal has been achieved in terms of addressing disabling barriers, there still remains much to be done.

Originally published in Italian as Cameron, C. (2007) ‘Breve Storia del movimento delle persone disabili nel Regno Unito.’ Rivista Sperimentale di Freniatria. Vol. CXXI. N. 2/2007. Pp 83-99

© Colin Cameron, 2010

Colin Cameron is a member of the Shaping Our Lives National User Group and an associate professor at Northumbria University.

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