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Fran Branfield, Peter Beresford

July 2005

This report, compiled by Shaping Our Lives and The National Centre for Independent Living, represents the response of a wide range of service users to the Department of Health’s March 2005 Green Paper on adult social care, titled Independence, Well-being and Choice: Our vision for the future of social care for all adults in England. The Green Paper offered a 10 to 15-year vision for social care, and this report brought together service users’ views on its proposals. This report was developed, undertaken and written by service users and is based solely on what service users say, encompassing a wide range of geographical areas and minority communities. The Report is organised in three parts: the first setting out how the consultation was undertaken, the second containing the views of service users generally and the third reporting the views of a specific group of people with learning difficulties to ensure that their contribution has equal visibility.
In partnership/with support of: Achi-Zindagi, Black User Group, Hammersmith and Fulham (BUGS), North Trent Cancer Research Network Consumer Research Panel, People First Lambeth, Surrey Centre for Independent Living
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