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Fran Branfield

May 2008

In 2007 Shaping Our Lives was commissioned by Cumbria County Council to undertake a consultation with service users at six residential care homes in the county. The six homes were the first of 33 homes that the Council operated to be included in the Council’s modernization plan. The report is based on responses to the Council’s modernization proposal, both from service users at the six homes and from other stakeholders who responded to the consultation. The report first outlines the changes in service provision for older people nationally, locating this Cumbrian consultation within a national framework. It then outlines the methodology of the consultation, before detailing the views of the current residents of the six homes regarding the council’s proposals for change in the provision of their care services. The report then makes recommendations on how to conduct the modernization in the future.
In partnership/with support of: Cumbria County Council
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