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February 2023

This publication is based on the experiences of a 16-month research study completed by Shaping Our Lives and King’s College London.

It shares the learnings about partnership working between Shaping Our Lives and King’s College London. The guide focuses on the challenges of this type of partnership and how to capitalise on the opportunity of bringing a user-led organisation and university research team together to complete a research study.

As well as the report, Peter Beresford, Chair of Shaping Our Lives and part of the project with King’s College London, has written a series of blogs exploring some of the themes, challenges, and outcomes of the project. You can download a compilation of the blogs below – “A quiet revolution – exploring user-led research”.

An article was published in the Research Involvement and Engagement Journal about this project – you can read the article here.

Download Matchmaking in Research (Word doc)Download A quiet revolution - exploring user-led research (Word doc)