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Michael Glynn, Fran Branfield, Peter Beresford, Catherine Bewley, Suzy Croft, Jennie Fleming, Karen Postle


This guide is based on the evaluation of a programme of workshops that were part of the Standards We Expect Project in 2007. The workshops were aimed at a wide range of service users taking part in the Project. The organisers wanted everyone to be able to take part equally, but found it difficult to set up training and workshops. They also found that there was no pre-existing guidance on what to do when setting up training or workshops. This guide was put together to answer that absence. The guide includes all the stages of setting up a
training programme: it starts with deciding on what training is needed and goes all the way through to evaluation. It gives general advice and examples of what was done in the Standards We Expect training programme, and outlines how to ensure everyone is included in the
training and everyone has an equal say.
In partnership/with support of: De Montfort University, Brunel University, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Values Into Action
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