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Becki Meakin

March 2019

In 2017, Shaping Our Lives received a two-year grant from the DCMS Tampon Tax Fund. The funding was for A Refuge for All – a project led by Disabled women with experience of violence and abuse, looking at improving access to violence and abuse services for Disabled women. During this project, Disabled women told us that, as there was ten years ago, there was a lack of accessible information about seeking support and refuge; inaccessible refuge and service buildings; a lack of knowledge and understanding of the issues for disabled women by professionals; a need for disability equality training for service staff; and greater awareness and support for disabled women experiencing carer abuse. Together, the Findings Report and Best Practice Toolkit provide service providers with a user-led approach to improving access and ensuring a high standard of service delivery for Disabled women. Although this report and the toolkit have been produced specifically for services working in the violence and abuse sector, the self-assessment templates could be used to make changes to other services that work with disabled women.
In partnership/with support of: DCMS Tampon Tax Fund
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