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User groups: Disabled people, People with long-term health conditions

Region: National

The ADP provides a pioneering service that is marked by its common sense approach. Our members consist mainly of disabled people living in the UK (and all of our Executive Committee are disabled), but we also have several members who work in the field of supporting disabled people into employment and a number of international members. Our services include the provision of employment advice, information and/or peer support for the very many disabled people who contact our helpline and their advisors or friends. We have a 24-hour answerphone service where disabled people can seek advice and support from another disabled person. We feel this is very important as we have learnt that disabled people have a particular, specific, and real need to receive information from other disabled people about issues relating to education, employment and training. Furthermore, there are often barriers to the information that is provided, in that it is, more often than not, in a format that the individual disabled person would find inaccessible. The ADP is able to provide information in the majority of formats requested and will endeavour to provide all information in a particular format at an individual's request. Thus, not only does the ADP support groups of disabled people within particular employment or educational settings, but we are also able to provide support on an individual basis in order to achieve the most effective outcome for the individual.