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Towards the better, 2024

31 December 2023

We’re delighted to share this poem written by Graham Price, one of our Directors. Happy New Year to all our supporters, colleagues, and friends!

With apprehension, out goes the old,
Without hesitation, in comes the new,
All, ducking  the travails for-told,
Besetting many, possibly you.

then, wrought havoc and chaos for too many folk,
Now, hopefully ushers in a new beginning,
enabling wisdom to shed the cloak,
Suppressing the belated reasoning.

Kindness would be a welcome intrusion,
Nurturing hope by addressing injustice,   
Each of us adopting a comforting position,
Enabling the birth of a smile, maybe more, happiness.

Happy New Year to all.

Graham Price, December 31st 2023