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Poem; Shaping Our Lives Celebrates

10 March 2022

This year we celebrate with a big hooray,

Since 20 plus years have passed,

When this unique organisation of stature,

Responded to the question being asked,

Where are those service user led groups of calibre?

There’s far too few, far too few,

So began a momentous journey, the lack to fix,  

A journey that’s attracted so many including me and you,

As people with lived experience to put authenticity into the mix,

Achieving amazing outcomes, wrought by so very few.

From start in 1995 marginalised members were embraced,

In recent times their numbers gathering pace,

The importance of diversity and inclusion faced,

Ensuring we are grounded in time and place.

In between time it’s been a bit topsy turvy,

This unique organisation adopting a new status and name,

In 2021 becoming a community interest company,

Retaining its core values in a mould essentially the same,

Surely time for another big hooray.

Who knows what cards the future holds,

Covid vanquished, this is a new beginning,

Another tranche of 20 years will rise from our footholds,

Goodwill and partnership providing the underpinning, 

A known recipe for a bright future modelled on the past,

It’s etched there, no one doubts it will last.

By Graham Price, Vice Chair of Shaping Our Lives