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For the better

22 February 2022

A poem by our Vice Chair Graham Price, about the research project he is involved in with Birmingham and Bristol Universities. The research will examine what difference social workers make to older people and carers’ lives and how they do this. (Find out more about the Social Work with Older People research).

We’re looking to create a new beginning,

Albeit built upon the social workers present craft,

Measuring the older persons sense of wellbeing,

When, with them, social workers interact.

It’s bred a research project of repute,

Enabling Birmingham and Bristol Universities to ply their skill,

Assembling the stakeholder range to avoid dispute,

Thus allowing all parties to proffer their goodwill.

Pilot study areas number two,

Walsall in the West Midlands and South West Somerset are the place,

Geared to start in the summer of 2022,

As it unfolds, watch this space.

By Graham

A person with lived experience

A member of the Expert Advisory Group.

February 2022.