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Poem: Welcome the New Year

5 January 2022

A poem by Graham Price, Vice Chair of the National User Group of Shaping Our Lives. 

We’re again beginning,
We’ve not been here before
Resolutions for our keeping
Maybe, if only we knew what was in store

Yes it’s a New Year to savour
Predictions leapfrog one another,  
Kept for the record without favour,
Denying chance change one for the other

Good riddance to 2021
Covid doom and gloom the yearlong scare
Hopefully its impact nearly gone
Now it’s time to plan for better fare

Diaries wake from their end of year slumber
They take on board must and need not do
Take care, they’re accustomed to your number
Maybe the time to step into the others shoe

Certainly the time for enacted dreams
Where the world, including ours welcomes more
Where Citizens rights are more than themes
Where we question whom a happy New Year is for
Where kindness holds happiness in reams.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year – from everyone at Shaping Our Lives.