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Diary reflections, seasons greetings

15 December 2021

A poem by Graham Price, Vice Chair of the National User Group of Shaping Our Lives. 

              I’ve a voracious diary

              It eats up all my days

              Even jostles to determine priority

              Clearly has very bad ways

              How best to cope with this assault

              Maybe to be less open and willing

              Might that get a result

              Or perhaps be more forgiving

              After all, the entries denote a life plan

              Which gives purpose and pleasure

              Great to have such a challenging span

              Warts and all, Mine I’ll keep for sure

              Except the festive season bids our diaries sleep

              For it’s the time of goodwill and  cheer

              A very merry Christmas to all in your keep

              And wishing all, a happy New Year.

              Merry Christmas.