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User groups: Mental health service users and survivors

Region: North East

Yor-Peer Support (York Mental Health Peer Support Group) was founded in July 2016 by trauma survivors in order to support others facing similar challenges. ​ ​We are mindful that our peers may have had difficult experiences in the past, therefore we want to ensure our vulnerable peers are not expected to ‘just get over it’. Our aim is to support one another to build trusting relationships in a safe environment where every member is an equal so the healing process can begin. ​ ​Through peer support we feel less isolated, finding courage to reconnect building a network of friendships that create hope. ​ ​ Our peers help us find meaning to life experiences, supporting us to develop insight and coping strategies resulting in a better sense of control, promoting personal growth. ​ ​ Peer support groups provide the strength that empowers us to take the first steps along a personal journey to create a life worth living.
MySight York Premises, 14 Merchants Place, Merchantgate, York YO1 9TU