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User groups: Disabled people

Region: South/South East

SDPP(Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership) is an independent organisation that became a registered charity in 1996 and a company limited by guarantee in 2014. We provide a range of free, confidential and independent services, run by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, including our amazing volunteers. At SDPP, we have always been passionate about everyone having the same rights, opportunities, choices and control over their own lives to achieve independence. We firmly believe that every one of us should have our voice heard to achieve this and have easy access to information and support to make this happen. All our services focus on individuals and are led by the people we support. This is SDPP’s reason for being and as experienced Advocacy providers, all our work exists to champion our Mission and Vision; and delivered by teams of dedicated, friendly and experienced professionals who believe in our Values and continue to demonstrate them across everything they do here at SDPP.
01784 458200 (voice) / 07519 861452 (SMS)
Marianne’s Community Café, Unit 4, 2-10 Thames Street, Staines upon Thames TW18 4SD