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Looking for Disabled young adults for a study on Personal Assistants (PAs)

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A new study by Northumbria University asks how young Disabled adults (age 18-30) choose who is the right personal assistant (PA) for them. The project is looking to speak to young Disabled people (age 18-30) with a range of genders and sexualities about their experiences.

They are looking for:

If you’d like to take part you must be aged between 18 and 30, live in England, and have about 6 months experience of managing your support arrangements. You do not have to have a PA right now. It doesn’t matter what your gender or sexuality is.

More information:

Find out more from the website: The Support, Genders & Sexualities Project – A project funded by NIHR School for Social Care Research (

Findings will be used to develop resources for use by PAs, young disabled adults, and social care organisations.

How to Apply

For more information, please contact Ned Coleman-Fountain by emailing

Involvement Payment Details

All participants will receive a £20 gift voucher for taking part.