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Improving service provision for South Asian women


Closing summer 2022

AVA (Against Violence & Abuse) is looking to recruit South Asian women for sensitive 1:1 paid interviews about difficult experiences of alcohol and/or drug use as part of a new research project with Manchester Metropolitan University. The project aims to improve service provision for South Asian women.

They are looking for:

AVA is looking to recruit 10 women from South Asian backgrounds who identify as having/had a problematic relationship with alcohol to take part in interviews over the summer.

More information:

  • The interviews can take place any time from May throughout the summer, either online or over the phone and will last between 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Interviews will be carried out by female researchers and accessibility needs/costs can be covered.
  • Participants can opt out at any point in the process.
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How to Apply

Please contact if you require any further information, would like to take part, or are an organisation that is interested in working with us to recruit participants.

Involvement Payment Details

Participants will receive a £20 voucher for taking part.