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Shaping Our Lives

Free training opportunity for Disabled people who want to support inclusion

East of England

For people based in Buckinghamshire. Closing date: 31st August 2022

Shaping Our Lives is looking for Disabled people in Buckinghamshire to take part in our Inclusive Involvement Mentor programme.

What is an Inclusive Involvement Mentor?

An Inclusive Involvement Mentor is a Disabled person who has confidence and knowledge about how to inclusively involve people in health and social care service policy and planning. Shaping Our Lives is offering free training to become a mentor, and this will help you to:

  • Give advice and offer practical support to organisations wanting to involve people
  • Get more people involved in service policy and planning
  • Help people to advocate for their support requirements so they can take part equally

What is the programme?

We know that many Disabled people are asked to give their views about local policy and services, but we also know that often this is not done as well as it could be.

So, Shaping Our Lives is offering free training, peer networking and support to Disabled people who want to learn about how to involve people in health and social care service policy and planning. We call this ‘involvement’ and it includes working with service providers to share the experiences of using services in a way that can meaningfully improve and change the way things are done.

You will join our network of mentors across England, share your experiences, share your knowledge and learn from the years of experience Shaping Our Lives has in the inclusive involvement of people from marginalised communities.

When will the mentor programme start?

The training sessions will start in September 2022 and last for about 6 months. After this you will continue to take part in networking and peer support activities. You will need one to two days a month to take part.

Important information:

  • Mentors will need to be able to access remote meetings as activities will be run remotely because of the geographic spread of mentors.
  • You will need to be based in Buckinghamshire.

How to Apply

Please contact or call 07956 424511 by 31 st August 2022. We will then send you a form to complete and explain more about the mentor programme.

Involvement Payment Details

There is no involvement payment for taking part, you will learn new skills and receive a certificate if you successfully complete the training. We believe that by taking part in the programme you will have more confidence to get involved in other involvement activities.