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Are you a parent/carer of a young person who was admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act while they were under 18?


Closing date: 15th July

The involuntary psychiatric hospitalisation of people under 18: Why does this happen, what is it like, and how could it be avoided?

A study at University College London would like to understand more about the hospitalisation of young people under the Mental Health Act.

They would like to talk to parents/carers of people who have been recently hospitalised under the Mental Health Act while they were under 18 years old.

The interviews will include discussion about the circumstances which led up to the involuntary admission, and what could have made the experience better.

They are looking for:

  • Parent/carer of a young person who has been admitted to a mental health hospital under the Mental Health Act.
  • The young person should have been under the age of 18 at the time of admission.


  • Interviews will take about one to one and a half hours.
  • Interviews will take place online, via Microsoft Teams, or on the telephone.
  • Interviews will be conducted by Imogen Abrahams, a psychology graduate currently doing a Masters (MSc) in mental health.
  • She is supervised by an experienced clinical team, including two consultant psychiatrists and a clinical psychologist.

How to Apply

Please contact: Imogen Abrahams (Clinical Mental Health MSc Student) 07766106239

Involvement Payment Details

As a thank you for taking part in an interview, they will offer a £20 voucher or E-voucher.