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Loughborough University

Are you a Disabled person who works from home/ remotely?


Loughborough University is conducting research into the experiences of Disabled people who work from home or remotely.

They are looking for:

  • Aged 18 years or older;
  • Based in the UK;
  • Currently working full- or part-time (whether that be self-employed, contracted or employed) in a job with a full- or part-time teleworking status (any working practice that substitutes travel and on-site work for computer and technology communications e.g. working from home or remote work etc.,);
  • Physically Disabled

More information:

You will be invited take part in a one-time discussion via Microsoft (MS) Teams or Skype, lasting approximately 45-minutes, where you will be asked to discuss your views and experiences of teleworking. In addition, with your permission, you may be contacted via email after the discussion to elaborate further on any answers provided.

How to Apply

To take part please contact Betsy Lake on

Expenses and Involvement

There is no payment for involvement in this study

Involvement Payment Details

There is no payment for involvement in this study