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Leeds AccessAbility Exhibition returns



William Merritt Centre is delighted to announce the return of its AccessAbility exhibition so healthcare professionals and Disabled people can discover the latest in adapted driving, assistive technology and mobility equipment.

15th June 2022, Centenary Pavilion, Leeds United Football Club, LS11 0ES. 10.30am to 3:00pm.

AccessAbility will be a fully inclusive event, for all ages, and will include experiences such as:

  • Options and advice on Assistive Technology and equipment – opportunity to try products which can enhance your everyday life and enable greater independence.
  • All aspects of driving including vehicle adaptations, accessible vehicles and a test drive circuit with new and existing drivers in mind for 14+ years.
  • Chill out in the gaming area including advice on adaptations to enable everyone to access computers, mobile phones, tablets, toys and computer games.
  • Attend a specialist seminar.
  • Opportunity to speak to an Occupational Therapist for information and guidance.

AccessAbility will provide a rewarding and fulfilling day out for:

  • Disabled children
  • Disabled adults
  • Disabled teenagers (14 year+ for the drive test)
  • Parents and Carers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Older People
  • Approved Driving Instructors

It offers a unique opportunity to see and try a range of services for Disabled people, all in one location.

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Cost to Attend: Free